Nicolas Cage to Star in William Friedkin’s Police Drama ‘I Am Wrath’

In times of economic turmoil, many screenwriters look for something on which to put the blame in the movies so the audience can experience a cathartic release before heading back out into the real world. The government and authority figures like the police are often the victims of this blame, and that trend will continue in another action movie starring everyone’s favorite zany actor, Nicolas Cage. Deadline reports that Cage will star in I Am Wrath, a revenge story in which his character’s wife is murdered and, after the police fail to catch her killer, he turns vigilante and discovers a web of corruption in the process. Read on! Though the plot sounds pretty bland to me, it’s worth noting that acclaimed director William Friedkin is circling the project to direct. Friedkin made a name for himself in the ’70s with the one-two punch of The French Connection and The Exorcist, …

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