‘Office’ Spin-Off ‘Not Necessarily A Thing Yet’

‘It’s just an idea,’ writer and co-star B.J. Novak tells MTV News at the SAG Awards.
By Jocelyn Vena, with reporting by Kara Warner
Rainn Wilson as Dwight in “The Office”
Photo: NBC When Steve Carell’s Michael Scott left “The Office” last spring, no one really knew who would helm the Scranton Branch of Dunder Mifflin. Eventually the company hired from within and that coveted managerial spot went to Andy Bernard, played by “The Hangover” star Ed Helms. Just as goofy and perhaps less bumbling than his predecessor, week after week Bernard has used his Cornell University education to try to be the glue that keeps the office together. When MTV News caught up with writer and castmate B.J. Novak on the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Awards Sunday night, he teased that the show still has some legs and that, even eight seasons in, there’s still some surprises up the sleeves of the writers on the long-running NBC comedy, even as they think about how the show might wrap up someday. “We have some things in mind how Jim and Pam might end up, and how Dwight might end up, and how Andy and Erin might end up,” he said. “And I’ve always had a vision for how Creed ends up, and it’s not pretty. But we’re still feeling it out. We’re still kind of learning the dynamics in the post-Steve Carell era and hopefully we’ll find a lot of new surprises.” There is, however, lots of talk that one of those folks will get their own spin-off in the coming years. Last week, sources said that a Dwight Schrute spin-off is in the works and that it would focus on Rainn Wilson’s character and his life at Schrute Farms, incorporating other members of the eccentric Schrute family. But any plans for that show are mysterious to Novak. “It’s just an idea and I’m not involved in it,” he said. “And I’m interested to see how they develop it, but it’s not necessarily a thing yet. It’s just an idea.” Would you be a regular viewer of a Dwight Schrute spin-off? Leave your comments below!

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