Our First Look at Rather Ugly ‘Hobbit’ Exclusive RealD 3D Glasses

What the heck are these? Okay, before we really get into this, know first that I am a huge Hobbit/LOTR fan. I am kind of excited for three more Middle Earth movies from Peter Jackson, and love everything we’ve seen so far, it looks wonderful. But all that changes with these glasses. Our Italian friends at found photos of a pair of “limited edition RealD 3D glasses” that will be given out at “selected cinemas in December” with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Unfortunately, they don’t look that great, they look kind of weird. I get it, they’re all Middle Earth-y, but who would want to wear these? Take a look below. So here’s the thing – we don’t know if these are limited to certain area, just in Europe, or are a mock-up version. But I don’t like them much. They remind me of those cheap plastic glasses given …

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