P.T. Anderson Teases ‘The Master’ First Look with Frames of Celluloid

Time to squint and take a closer look! While Paul Thomas Anderson will not be appearing at the Cannes Film Festival this week with his new film The Master, he has instead decided to tease the film with a fun little first look on Cigarettes & Red Vines. The official PTA fan/news site was recently sent a few new photos and a message from the master himself, Mr. Anderson, giving us a very first look at a few frames of the film – in that exact form, as 65mm celluloid frames. “These shots include our lovely Negative Cutter, Simone, imported all the way from France to cut 65mm negative. She does it all with a pair of scissors from Staples.” Here are the original two photos that PTA sent over to Cigarettes & Red Vines, posted via their own Flickr: However, they also took the opportunity to rotate, crop and invert the …

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