Paramount & Bad Robot Find Fresh Director for Sci-Fi ‘God Particle’

When Paramount and Bad Robot teamed up for a new science fiction mystery film called God Particle, we knew it’d be something worth keeping an eye on even though J.J. Abrams wasn’t going to direct it. The story follows a physics experiment with a Hadron accelerator goes wrong and Earth vanishes completely, leaving the astronauts in an orbiting space station lost in space. But when a European spacecraft shows up on their radar, the crew has to figure out if the incoming vehicle is friend or foe. Now Variety reports the production has found a director in the unknown Julius Onah, who has mostly helmed short films so far. Onah has only directed one full feature before – The Girl Is in Trouble, starring Wilmer Valderrama and Paz de la Huerta – but he’s also been a prolific writer, producer, and short film director over the past ten years. It makes …

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