‘Ready Player One’ Writer Ernie Cline Sets Up ‘Armada’ at Universal

Screenwriter Ernie Cline made a name for himself by writing Kyle Newman’s Star Wars-inspired movie Fanboys, and back in 2010 Cline wrote a novel called Ready Player One that sparked a bidding war between the studios for a film adaptation. Warner Bros. ended up winning and we still haven’t seen that film come to fruition yet, but now Variety reports Cline has a 20 page proposal for a new book called Armada sold to Crown Publishing, and the people at Universal have just paid seven figures to acquire the movie rights to the story. Like Ready Player One, this one also sounds like it’s going to be tied into the world of video games. Scott Stuber (Ted, 47 Ronin) and Dan Farah (Armored) are attached to produce, but plot details are being kept under lock and key at this point. Variety says the story has a “high-concept hook that offers the …

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