Reply: Your Favorite Shot or Favorite Moment of ‘Dark Knight Rises’?

I sometimes still can’t believe we’ve seen Chris Nolan’s epic grand finale of his Batman trilogy. The Dark Knight Rises, released a week ago, has arrived and hopefully everyone has had the pleasure of seeing it (in IMAX). Discussion about it has been rampant for weeks, ever since Warner Bros first started screening it for press, and it will last well into the next few years. To keep things focused on the positive, and follow up with another question in our new series Reply, I decided to start a discussion on specific moments in TDKR. My twitter question was: What was your favorite shot or favorite moment from TDKR and why? Replies below! Considering the excitement and level of discussion surrounding The Dark Knight Rises, I expected a huge response to this question. We gathered up a total of 50 replies from fans around the world. The first half will not …

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