Review: Friedkin’s ‘Killer Joe’ is Twisted, Sadistic & Funny as Hell

Killer Joe, the latest film written by Tracy Letts and directed by veteran filmmaker William Friedkin, is like if brilliance & insanity had a baby and decided to deep fry it. A film about dirty people doing dirty things to get out of dirty situations, it’s trashy, sadistic and funny as hell, an interesting turn to camp for its director, who has never comfortably fit under any label. Killer Joe won’t go down as Friedkin’s crowning achievement, but as divisive as its subject matter and unlikable characters make it, it’s hard to deny the thought and skill that went into every odd left turn it takes. It will likely end up one of the best of the year. While the film’s most interesting aspect is the character after which it gets its title and the powerhouse turn by its star, the main focus is on the Smith family, Chris (Emile Hirsch), his …

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