Review: ‘Ice Age: Continental Drift’ is More Fun But Still Forgettable

The Ice Age films come and go with little fanfare, and it’s no surprise. When you get down to it, they’re all enjoyable, they all make you laugh in the right parts, and Scrat, that prehistoric squirrel who can’t seem to capture his nut, is the perfect poster boy for Blue Sky Studios. But that lack of fanfare is justified by how little these movies push themselves. Ice Age: Continental Drift steps in line with that rule, as it brings hilarity in small but ample doses but never does anything truly memorable. A great villain helps, which this film definitely has, but, beyond that, there’s very little to warrant much more than lukewarm praise. Thanks in direct part to that saber-toothed squirrel and his incessant hunt for acorns, the single continent of Pangaea begins breaking apart, forming the continents as they are today. Caught up in this continental shift is our trio of …

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