Review: There’s Nothing New to Talk About With ‘The Devil Inside’

Exorcism movies have pretty much run their course at this point. The idea and execution has become so bland, so predictable, that a film better have something extra to add along with all the holy water and body contortions. But, evidently, these movies make decent enough money, so we still have to have a new one every year. Usually dumped in January. Which is why Paramount / Insurge brings us The Devil Inside, directed by William Brent Bell, the latest film that tries to scare us with all the old creepy trimmings. Told as a mockumentary – not ‘found footage’, since there is a difference – the film attempts somewhat new hat, but the execution never gets off the ground, the whole thing comes off just as bland as the subgenre it finds itself in, and just when things start to get a little crazy, i.e. interesting, the rug gets pulled …

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