Rihanna Calls Whitney Houston Biopic Talk ‘Just Rumors’

‘I never heard anything about that,’ singer and ‘Battleship’ co-star tells MTV News.
By Fallon Prinzivalli, with reporting by Josh Horowitz
Photo: Michael Loccisano/ Getty Images Fans have been teased with an exclusive “Battleship” clip and movie stills of singer Rihanna making a splash on the big screen. Her acting debut comes at a time when she’s still riding high on the music charts. With four songs in the top 30 on Billboard’s top 100, Rihanna is taking the entertainment world by storm. When the musician-turned-actress sat down with MTV News, she revealed that she’s been considered for quite a few roles but wanted to make sure she had a better handle on her acting before diving into uncharted waters. “I got a few scripts, actually, a lot of incredible roles,” she said. “Some of which I felt were a little too big for me, being that I never did a movie. So I wanted to really get my feet wet, try it, see what it was like and know how I wanted to move from there. I’m really glad ‘Battleship’ turned out to be the first one.” With Whitney Houston’s death, there’s been talk of a Whitney biopic and a lot of buzz surrounding which starlet would be right for the project. Rihanna’s name has been thrown out there now that she’s establishing her acting chops, but the singer called the speculation “just rumors. I never heard anything about that.” The rumors may have stemmed from Rihanna’s April interview with the U.K. Press Association in which she said she would give her “entire life” to play Whitney Houston. “That would be something that I would have to give my entire life to do, because I would really want to pull it off,” Rihanna said. “That’s a huge, huge role, and whoever does it has to do a good job.” Her desire for the part stems from her great respect for the late singer. “My first song that I remember falling in love with was a Whitney Houston song: ‘I Will Always Love You,’ ” she continued. “It was really inspiring, and it made me develop a passion for music, so really, she’s partly responsible for me being here in this industry.” Audiences can see Rihanna light it up on the big screen when “Battleship” hits theaters Friday, May 18. Check out everything we’ve got on “Battleship.” For breaking news, celebrity columns, humor and more — updated around the clock — visit

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