Robert Pattinson Gets Weird in David Cronenberg Inspired Photos

For years I’ve been quite the proponent of Robert Pattinson’s acting career outside of The Twilight Saga, and mark my words, when all is said and done, we’ll have a solid young actor on our hands, and even the teen girls won’t like the movies he’s going to start making. That’s how it looks with David Cronenberg’s stylish thriller Cosmopolis and forthcoming flicks like Mission: Blacklist. Keeping up with his artistic roots and darker Cronenberg style interests, Pattinson recently did a strange photoshoot for Premiere in France (via paying tribute to earlier films like Videodrome, Scanners and Dead Ringers. Look! Here are some of the photos from Premiere’s spead and you can see the rest at In a rough translation from the magazine, Premiere says Pattinson was very hands-on with the 13-hour photoshoot and even though these photos being so strange and twisted are a direct result of the actor’s …

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