Robert Rodriguez Doing ‘Fire & Ice’ After ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’

Almost exactly two years ago, we told you that director Robert Rodriguez had nabbed the rights to Fire and Ice, a 1983 animated film by the legendary Ralph Bakshi based on the creatures of artist Frank Frazetta. We’ve already seen some concept art from Rodriguez’s version, but since he’s pretty busy with Machete Kills and the long-awaited Sin City: A Dame to Kill For in the coming months, we weren’t sure when he’d get around to his remake of Fire and Ice. But in a recent interview with Heat Vision, Rodriguez confirmed that the animated feature would be his next project after returning to Frank Miller’s world. If you watch the trailer for the original movie, it’s easy to see why Rodriguez has been interested in this project for years. The pulpy content fits perfectly with the director’s sensibilities, and it looks like Rodriguez will finally get his chance to take …

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