Sacha Baron Cohen Takes Over Central Park on ‘The Dictator’ Poster

After dumping fake ashes of the late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il on Ryan Seacrest at the red carpet of the Academy Awards earlier this year, in character as Admiral General Aladeen,I wouldn’t put any kind of stunt past The Dictator star Sacha Baron Cohen. So when an image of a banner covering the entirety of Central Park in New York City celebrates the tyrannical leader, I just shake my head. Of course, this image from the new poster is just some fancy Photoshop work, part of the marketing machine leading up to the impending May 16th release of the first non-mockumentary feature from Cohen and director Larry Charles. Here’s the new poster for Larry Charles’ comedy The Dictator via Entertainment Weekly: And there goes the beard! The Dictator is again being helmed Larry Charles, director of Borat and Bruno, as well as Religulous and episodes of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. The …

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