Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCarthy Are Cops for ‘Bridesmaids’ Director

After comedy director Paul Feig had his hand one of the most talked about, scene-stealing, supporting performances of 2011 with Melissa McCarthy getting an Oscar nomination for her turn in Bridesmaids, the two are teaming up again. While we’re not sure what’s going on with a potential comedy starring Jon Hamm and McCarthy with Feig at the helm, Variety says the Bridesmaids collaborators are teaming up with Sandra Bullock for a new comedy. Changing up the usual male match-up, Bullock and McCarthy will star in an untitled buddy cop comedy from “Parks & Recreation” series producer and writer Katie Dippold. The film follows the strained working relationship between a high-strung FBI agent (Bullock) and an unconventional Boston cop (McCarthy) who team to take down a Russian gangster. It’s a story that’s derivative and familiar, but with Bullock (who’s done law enforcement comedy before in two Miss Congeniality films) and McCarthy in …

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