See Chris Cornell Sing ‘I Will Always Love You’

Since Whitney died a little over a week ago, there have been a number of live performances of “I Will Always Love You” in her honor, from some expected (Jennifer Hudson, Aretha) and not-so-expected (Glee, Girls’ Christopher Owens) sources. You can file this one in the second category: Soundgarden front man and well-established wailer Chris Cornell performed an acoustic version at an Obama fund-raiser on Friday. Cornell introduces the song by saying, “I just learned this, so when I mess it up, forgive me.” It takes the crowd a few bars to figure out what he’s singing, but when Cornell gets to the “I would only be in your way” line, it becomes clear to them. Also clear: Cornell has got a massive set of pipes on him, and he sings the hell out of this song in true diva-grunge fashion. Respect. Read more posts by Willa Paskin Filed Under: chris cornell ,whitney houston ,music ,i will always love you ,covers

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