See Rooney Mara, Brad Pitt and More As Cinema’s Iconic Bad Guys

Not too long ago, a fantastic photo set surfaced with various actors and actresses taking on characters in various Martin Scorsese films like Taxi Driver and Good Fellas. Recreations of some of cinema’s finest characters and scenes get a whole new image and feel with new talent stepping in, and a new video gallery from The New York Times is no different. Alex Prager has crafted Touch of Evil, “a video gallery of cinematic villainy inspired by nefarious icons and featuring the best performers from the year in film” including Brad Pitt as Eraserhead, Rooney Mara as Alex from A Clockwork Orange and more. Here’s snapshots of Alex Prager’s Touch of Evil (click to see the video pieces from The NY Times): Pitt and Mara’s installments really stand out as the best, but there’s plenty of other great reinventions to behold. The others featured above include Michael Shannon as Gordon Gekko in …

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