So How Would James Bond Look in the Hands of Christopher Nolan?

Not too long ago, there were rumblings that Christopher Nolan might be interested in following his Dark Knight trilogy by getting his hands on another deadly orphan hero in the form of James Bond. Though it was more of a dream for the director and not evidence of any negotiations between Nolan and Sony, the possibility of the filmmaker tackling Agent 007 is an interesting prospect. So rather than inundate you with more footage from The Dark Knight Rises (though that MTV trailer from over a month ago is now officially online), we’ve got an intirguing imagining of what Nolan’s James Bond might look like in theaters. Watch! Here’s a fan’s imagining of how James Bond would look in the hands of Christopher Nolan via Movieline: That’s Michael Fassbender as 007 (a fine casting decision should Daniel Craig ever fall out of Her Majesty’s Secret Service), and it looks like Leonardo DiCaprio …

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