Spectacular Paris Subway ‘Prometheus’ Giant Head Marketing Display

Why does Europe get all the best marketing stunts?! We’re going a bit Prometheus crazy here, considering we’re counting down the days (22 left!) in the three weeks left until it arrives in theaters. The final pieces of marketing are coming together, and one huge stunt in Europe, specifically Paris, includes an abandoned subway station being completely decked out with that giant head and blue lights for riders to see. And it’s incredible. There’s even a video of the subway ride through the station, it’s amazing, this is brilliant. Shots have hit the web on the Weyland Investors Tumblr (via MovieViral) and they’re definitely must see photos. Here’s a video from Half-A-Million Screenshots of the subway riding through the station, it looks awesome. This amazing Prometheus display is on Paris’ Metro line 9 at the Saint-Martin station (as you can see labeled above), which has been closed since 1939. My excitement for …

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