TGB Breakdown Ep 10: Rare Exports & Twisted Xmas Flicks (Guest: Scott Weinberg)

On this episode of The Golden Briefcase Breakdown, hosts Tim & Jeremy are joined by guest Scott Weinberg, of Twitch and Fearnet, for a spoiler-filled discussion on Jalmari Helander’s 2010 Finnish film Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale. They also talk about a few other holiday horror classics! The main purpose of Breakdown episodes is to to ponder, discuss and challenge the films that we feel often need more than just a simple review. We breakdown the film to discuss plots and theories in order to better understand the director’s vision and hopefully challenge our listeners at home to re-evaluate the way they watch cinema. Extra episodes of TGB Breakdown will be arriving about every month, and will appear here in addition to all of our regular weekly Golden Briefcase episodes. Beware – every episode of TGB Breakdown will contain SPOILERS for the film in discussion (this one for Helander’s Rare Exports). …

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