TGB Episode 116: Tales of the Web Slinger (Guest: John Gholson)

On this week’s episode of The Golden Briefcase, Tim & Jeremy are joined by John Gholson, writer for, to chat over their latest Picks of the Week, new DVD & Blu-Ray releases, new trailers for Tyler Perry’s Alex Cross, RZA’s kung fu The Man With The Iron Fists and Jack Reacher with Tom Cruise, and much more. The main topic of the night was a discussion around the Spider-Man movies, in honor of Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man, in theaters now. The guys go over thoughts on the original trilogy, how this latest movie fits into things, and even their hopes/fears for future Spidey installments. Listen in! The Golden Briefcase is also broadcast LIVE on Wednesday nights starting ~7:30PM PST. You can listen in via our Ustream page or by visiting our own live page right here on FS. The podcast is just as fun to listen to live while …

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