‘The Evil Dead’ Remake Gets an Official Early April 2013 Release Date

“Shut up, Linda!” Whether you want it or not, the remake of Sam Raimi’s original 1981 horror classic Evil Dead is being put into production by Ghost House & Mandate Pictures and Sony & Film District, and it now has an official release date. Bloody-Disgusting reports it is now set for April 12th, 2013. So just before the summer of Star Trek 2, Iron Man 3, Fast 6, Monsters U. and Man of Steel, we’ll get our new look at Diablo Cody and director Fede Alvarez’s new take on Evil Dead (the logo above), without even an Ash character this time. Instead it’s just a story about five friends holed up at a remote cabin who uncover a Book of the Dead. There have been a few story details leaking out recently, but I’m still so upset that this is evening happening that I haven’t bothered to read them. I’m not …

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