‘The Graduate’ Cast: Where Are They Now?

Forty-five years later, it’s hard to appreciate what a revolutionary film “The Graduate” was. Not just for its depiction of driftless youth and the sexual revolution, but that it starred a regular guy like Dustin Hoffman. As NY Times critic A.O. Scott said in 2009, casting Hoffman “helped redefine what kind of person could become a movie star.” However, the movie could have been very different: Originally, the role of college graduate Ben Braddock was going to go to Robert Redford (Hoffman’s future “All the President’s Men” co-star), and Candice Bergen (who’d star in Nichols’ 1971 film “Carnal Knowledge”) was going to play Elaine. And what about Doris Day as Mrs. Robinson and Marlon Brando as Mr. Robinson? We can’t begin to picture that. Scott argues that the film “never felt dated,” although Roger Ebert wrote in 1997 that its “time has passed.” Either way, it’s been a major influence on countless movies, from “Say Anything” to “Garden State.” After its release on December 21, 1967, “The Graduate” would rack up seven Oscar nominations, including a Best Director win for Mike Nichols. It’s still ranked as Hoffman’s eighth highest-grossing film and is No. 21 on the all-time adjusted box office chart. In honor of the classic, lets take a look back at the cast of “The Graduate.” PHOTOS:

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