‘The Muppets’ Strike Back at Fox News After Brainwashing Reports

There were plenty of videos we featured throughout the lead-up to the release of The Muppets in theaters last November. However, everyone’s favorite Jim Henson creations are back, but this time they mean business. After the film hit the box office and please most critics and audiences alike, a bit of an eyebrow-raising report came from Fox News claiming that the film was trying to brainwash kids into being against capitalism, oil companies and generally forcing a liberal agenda down their throats. Disney and the filmmakers remained quiet, but now there’s finally a response from their fearless leader Kermit the Frog. For your reference, here’s the original television report from Fox Business: And here’s the hilarious response form Kermit the Frog at a recent press conference (via SlashFilm): James Bobin (“Flight of the Conchords”) is at the helm of this new Muppets movie, …

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