They’re Showing Classic Bond Films on the Beach in Cannes? Heaven!

Cinéma de la plage, it’s called, cinema on the beach. Cannes is located on the southern edge of France on the Mediterranean, and a few years back they opened a screening venue right on the beach next to the Palais. They screen films for free, both classics and new picks, and this year they’re doing some extra special for James Bond and its 50th Anniversary. The Guardian reports that, while there won’t be anything from Skyfall, they are screening 5 classic Bond films on the beach during the festival. As a huge Bond fan (who just visited the set of Skyfall) this is heaven. Watching some of the best Bond films on a beach? It’s heaven! Skyfall, being directed by Sam Mendes, has nearing complete on production and is entering post-production throughout the summer to makes its November release. So in the meantime, Eon Productions is bringing the classic Bond films …

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