Timothy Olyphant Sets Sights on Horror Western ‘Bone Tomahawk’

When we first wrote about director S. Craig Zahler’s upcoming horror western Bone Tomahawk, we wondered who would step in and play the yet-to-be-cast gunslinger alongside already terrific cast members like Kurt Russell as a sheriff, Peter Sarsgaard as a cowboy, Richard Jenkins as a confused old man, and Jennifer Carpenter as the woman they all must rescue from a band of bloodthirsty cannibals. Now Deadline reports that Timothy Olyphant has signed on as the last member of the rescue party, playing a dapper, well-spoken sniper who moved Wild West in order to satiate some dark urges that lie within him. Read on! Olyphant is well-versed in eloquent cowboy characters, having played U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens in three seasons of the excellent FX series “Justified” so far, and doing a pitch-perfect Clint Eastwood impression as the Spirit of the West in last year’s animated feature Rango. I’m very excited to see …

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