Today Is the One-Year Anniversary of Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’

On February 10, 2011, which was, a little confusingly, a Thursday, a teenage girl’s seemingly cheesy music video was uploaded onto YouTube. And then the Internet went bananas. Yes, we have been living with Rebecca Black’s “Friday” for an entire year now, and we (or at least this particular Vulture correspondent) are no closer to knowing which seat to take. We do know, however, that in 2012 it is possible to feel older in terms of viral-video life spans. BuzzFeed has a very long chart-filled history of the “Friday” saga, if you are so inclined, or else you can just spend the day e-mailing “Happy Friday Anniversary” to your friends and seeing who gets the most confused. Read more posts by Amanda Dobbins Filed Under: fun fun fun fun ,rebecca black ,music ,friday

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