‘Total Recall’ Viral Resumes with a ‘Dream Experience’ Site Upgrade

Live your Rekall experience. As we gear up for Comic-Con next week, an update to the Total Recall viral has arrived, and it’s a big one. A new site has launched as part of the “Welcome to Rekall” viral for Rekall (these posters) that introduces an fun layer of interactivity with shareable videos. Visitors can link their Facebook profiles to Rekall and receive a “personalized Rekall video, detailing the story of their brand new memories and successful Rekall experience.” How fun, and kind of creepy, like they know you. It all ties in with a sweepstakes they’re having and upcoming Comic-Con events, leading to the release in early August. Click on the screenshot to check out the new Rekall site and make a video. Your dream adventure awaits: Ever wish you could be a sports anchor, behind the scenes at ESPN? A Rock Star, chilling with Green Day? A fashionista, hanging with …

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