Updates on ’21 Jump Street,’ ‘MiB,’ ‘Dragon Tattoo’ Sequels & More

It’s been a pretty successful year for Columbia Pictures to the point that a handful of their major releases are getting sequels. We’ve already heard that 21 Jump Street has a sequel in development (if you didn’t catch the buddy cop comedy in theaters earlier this year, then you’re missing out), and it’s been presumed that Men in Black and The Amazing Spider-Man would keep the blockbuster party going, but we haven’t heard anything from the studio on them yet. Now boss man Doug Belgrad weighs in on those projects with THR, including the expected but uncertain sequel for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo also. Read on! First, The Amazing Spider-Man is definitely coming. In fact, there’s supposed to be at least a trilogy when all is said and done, and that might be why the “untold story” that was teased in the trailers ended up on the cutting room …

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