Vincenzo Natali Aiming to Make Supernatural Horror ‘Haunter’ Next

More ghosts. So who you gunna call? An interesting news story to report on from Bloody-Disgusting, who picked up a scoop about director Vincenzo Natali, of Cube and Splice who has been lining up numerous projects. Apparently Natali is aiming to direct a project called Haunter next, which will start shooting this March up in Toronto. The supernatural horror film, from a screenplay by Brian King (Cypher, Night Train), is a twist on the norm being told from the viewpoint of a ghost, a spirit named Lisa, who, along with her family, died in 1986 under “sinister circumstances” but remain trapped in their house. Sounds quite creepy. We don’t know much about this and this is the first time we’ve heard of the project, but it sounds intriguing. When a new girl named Olivia moves into their house, Lisa decides to haunt and possess her in “in an attempt to save …

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