Visual Effects Breakdowns for ‘Prometheus’ Feature Engineer & Crash

“We try and use as much reality as possible in our effects.” Hopefully everyone has seen Prometheus by now, because spoilers are already commonplace. While there are shots of the engineer and elder engineer from the opening floating around the web (see here), we’ve got another cool video featurette worth seeing as well. The Daily (found via RopeofSilicon) has posted a set of two visual effects breakdowns, looking at the FX work that went into Ridley Scott’s return to space sci-fi. One highlights MPC doing the atmosphere and spaceships, the other shows Weta creating the engineer’s DNA and opening title sequence. See both below. Here’s the first featurette on the landing scene & crash in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, via The Daily: Here’s the second featurette on the opening scenes in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, via The Daily: This behind-the-scenes set comes from The Daily; videos are by Scott Broock and fxguide. Effects house MPC …

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