Wachowskis Want Natalie Portman for New Sci-Fi ‘Jupiter Ascending’?

Briefly: Take this as nothing more than just an early rumor at the moment, but LA Times’ blog 24 Frames is reporting that Oscar winning actress Natalie Portman is being circled for a role in the Wachowski’s next sci-fi follow-up Jupiter Ascending. She is reportedly being “courted” to star in the film and is “seriously weighing” the part as one of her first big roles since having a baby. It’s a project we’ve heard about before, revealed last October, and although we don’t know much about it, including plot or setting, we know that it’s sci-fi and will be what the Wachowski’s quickly jump into after Cloud Atlas. V for Vendetta connections are being made, but I’m curious to see what Jupiter Ascending is about, what her role even is and if she takes it.

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