Watch: A Trailer for Young Magician’s Documentary ‘The Magic Life’

If you’re looking for a solid documentary that might inspire some more dedication into your most cherished and possibly lucrative hobbies, check out Make Believe, a coming of age journey set in the subculture of magic that follows six of the world’s best young magicians as they battle for the title of Teen World Champion. However, while the documentary focuses on some young kids following their dream, it’s moreso about the competition and lead-up to their performance. Now a new documentary, The Magic Life, is set in the same world but is mostly about following the dreams of magicians to make a career out of their tricks. Here’s the first trailer for Nelson Cheng’s documentary The Magic Life, found via Film School Rejects: The Magic Life follows a 17-year old kid (Nelson Cheng, who’s also directing the documentary) attending a Beijing magic school, a 25-year old magic man performing on Hollywood Boulevard, …

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