Watch: Babis Makridis’ Wacky Greek Sundance Film ‘L’ First Teaser

“Long live motorcycles!” If this new age wacky Greek cinema is your thing, then we’ve got something for you. Debuted by Twitch (via SlashFilm) is an early teaser trailer for Babis Makridis’ new film L, another wacky Greek comedy that will be premiering at Sundance 2012 this month. If you’re familiar with the Greek films Dogtooth and/or Giorgos Lanthimos’ follow-up Alps, this was written by the same guy, Efthymis Filippou, who co-wrote both of those films. Which means it’s just as abstract and wacky as you’d expect. A man who lives in his car gets caught up in the undeclared war between motorcycle riders and car drivers. Watch the first teaser trailer for Babis Makridis’ new film L, originally via Twitch: Here’s the description from the Sundance guide: L begins with an ode to being a bear and ends with an ode to the sea. What happens in between constitutes one …

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