Watch: Dennis Lee’s ‘Jesus Henry Christ’ Trailer with Toni Collette

“I’m his mother, you’re nothing but a test tube filled with sperm!” E1 Entertainment has debuted the official trailer on Apple for the indie comedy Jesus Henry Christ, written and directed by Dennis Lee (Fireflies in the Garden), starring Toni Collette and Jason Spevack as her son Henry James Herman, a precocious 10-year-old kid who sets out on a quest to find out who his sperm-donor father was. The trailer reveals that it’s Michael Sheen, who actually has some sort of history with Collette’s character anyway, and all the fun begins. There are some interesting fantastical elements to this with the Post-It notes, but it looks charming. Watch the official trailer for Dennis Lee’s Jesus Henry Christ, in high def via Apple: Precocious doesn’t even begin to describe Henry James Herman, a petri dish child who writes rabble-rousing manifestos on the nature of truth… at age 10. This boy-genius misfit’s world turns …

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