Watch: Evidence That Every Summer Blockbuster is Exactly the Same

Our own regular contributor Brandon Lee Tenney has already put this summer’s movies on notice for being fairly uninspiring and mostly disappointing. And maybe there’s a good reason for that in the form of a new video that aims to be humorous, but also makes a valid point about the state of blockbusters and their generic appeal today. Now the video, called Every 3D Movie is the Same, uses some clips from movies that weren’t in 3D, including footage from G.I. Joe: Retaliation that has yet to be seen in 3D, but it’s better viewed as a critique on just how similar all these big Hollywood tentpoles are on the big screen. Here’s the amusing but simultaneously sad Every 3D Movie is the Same from Funny or Die: Honestly, I couldn’t believe just how many of these epic action shots were similar from film to film. Rather than just focusing on 3D …

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