Watch: First Dark ‘Cosmopolis’ Teaser Trailer with Robert Pattinson

“Come on, do it, flip the switch…” A very short, early teaser trailer has debuted online (via Awards Daily) for David Cronenberg’s next new film, Cosmopolis, starring Robert Pattinson as a multi-millionaire who spends 24 hours crossing all of Manhattan in a limo. This definitely looks like there’s a bit more than a limo in it, including plenty (and I mean plenty) of sex and violence and nightclubs and guns and everything else. “Bizarre occurrences and an authentic parade of crazy characters along the way, in a landscape that depicts the modern soul of the West at the end of the millennium.” This looks wild, and it’s only our very first tease! Note: This footage is fairly uncensored and contains nudity, it is borderline NSFW so please be aware. Watch the first teaser trailer for David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis, embedded from YouTube: David Cronenberg (Scanners, Videodrome, A History of Violence, Eastern Promises) writes/directs this …

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