Watch: On the Set Footage from Louis Leterrier’s ‘Now You See Me’

“You cannot see it coming!” Well isn’t this an awkward first look. AOL has posted an “on set” featurette of 3-minutes of raw, B-roll, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews from Louis Leterrier’s Now You See Me, an illusionist heist movie starring Jesse Eisenberg. He leads a crew of four magicians, played by Isla Fisher, Dave Franco and Woody Harrelson, who rob banks and shower the money on audiences during elaborate shows. Up until now, literally all we’ve seen is a teaser poster, not even a trailer, so it’s interesting this is our very first look, but they even get Michael Caine to talk about how awesome this sounds. Enjoy! Here’s Entertainment Tonight’s on set featurette for Louis Leterrier’s Now You See Me, posted via AOL: We’ve been covering updates on Now You See Me for a while, originally written by Edward Ricourt and Boaz Yakin. The film is shooting now in New York, …

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