Watch: Thomas Jane Back as Punisher in Short Film ‘Dirty Laundry’

Just as the superhero movie craze was really starting to take off, Marvel released The Punisher in 2004, a film starring Thomas Jane as a former soldier who dispensed vigilante justice on those who murdered his family. Despite its R rating, many felt that the film didn’t accurately depict the violent nature of the character, whose brutal and unforgiving tactics made the comics a hit back in the 1980s. At Comic-Con 2012, Jane surprised the audience at his RAW studios panel with Dirty Laundry, a Punisher short film that feels much more true to the character and isn’t afraid to use violence in a brutal, visceral way. Watch it! Here’s Thomas Jane and Ron Perlman’s unofficial Punisher short film Dirty Laundry from Comic-Con: Whoa. Now that’s the Punisher that fans were hoping for the first time Jane donned the black trenchcoat. Despite the ’04 film’s problems, I still like Jane’s portrayal of …

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