Watch: Totally Awesome ‘Bond 50’ Blu-Ray Box Set Official Trailer

All the Bonds, All the Girls, All the Action. Pardon my language, but oh f**ck yes! I’ve been waiting for this. MGM has been holding onto releasing the last few Blu-Rays in the Bond series because they’ve been waiting to unveil this bad boy. Coming out this year is the grand poobah, Bond 50, a Blu-Ray box set containing all 22 of the Bond movies on Blu-Ray in high definition (goes for ~$200). This is to die for. And to get you excited, HeyUGuys has found an official trailer for the set, and it’s packed with Bond goodness from start to finish. It’s not often we break our rules to mention Blu-Rays, but this is absolutely worthy of being watched. Watch the official trailer for the Bond 50 Blu-Ray Box Set, via FoxConnect on YouTube, and pre-order it! This new box set is in honor of it being the 50 years since …

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