WB Shifts ‘Gravity’ to 2013, ‘Gangster Squad’ Now Set for September

Now they know what they’ve got on their hands. After a recent test screening in Los Angeles of Alfonso Cuarón’s new sci-fi Gravity (which result in a few leaked early reviews), Warner Bros has moved the film off the 2012 release schedule and into 2013 instead. No new date is set yet, but BoxOfficeMojo and Deadline both confirm it’s no longer arriving in November at Thanksgiving this year, as originally scheduled. Damn – this is one I was very excited about! Additionally, WB has now given Ruben Fleischer’s Gangster Squad, which just debuted its trailer, an official release date in September – a rather fast opening after the trailer. The big WB has now set Gangster Squad, which stars Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, Anthony Mackie, Emma Stone and Josh Brolin, for release on September 7th later this year. That means it’s playing against The Cold Light of Day right after John …

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