‘We Showed You’ – The Oscars’ Official Classic Movies Poster Series

“We showed you how to be a winner.” The Oscars are trying to boost their promotion and they’ve kicked off a series of posters, not regular size, featuring classic movies that have won various Oscars. Yahoo has been premiering a couple of them, but the full gallery (with 31 of these) can be found on the official Oscars bsite. The series takes off from the idea originally seen on the official poster for the 84th Academy Awards by “Celebrating the Movies”. They all feature the tagline “There’s a Little Bit of the Movies in All of Us”, which is charming, along with a photo and “We Showed You” quote. There’s a bunch of these, our favorites below. Click any for a full gallery on, where they’ve got all these and more. What are your favorites? As it states, the 84th Academy Awards will be held on Sunday, February 26th, in just …

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