Wes Anderson Eyes Johnny Depp, Bill Murray and More for Next Film

With Moonrise Kingdom charming audiences around the country (it’s now Wes Anderson’s second most successful film behind The Royal Tenenbaums), the director is already on to his next project. Much like the projects of Woody Allen, the story remains under wraps, but Anderson is already getting a stellar ensemble cast together for his next film, which currently doesn’t have a known title. Twitch has learned that Anderson has approached familiar names like Bill Murray, Owen Wilson,Edward Norton, Jeff Goldblum, Adrien Brody and Willem Dafoe. But some new talents are joining Anderson for the first time as well. Apparently Johnny Depp, Angela Lansbury and Jude Law have all be approached to star in the film as well. It’s not clear if there are offers out to these actors, or if they’ve merely been talked to by Anderson, but this cast already sounds fantastic. It’s no surprise that Owen Wilson is getting back …

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