What a Marvel Storyboard Artist’s ‘Halloween’ Remake May Have Been

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding films that could have been and may never be, especially when it comes to something like Joe Carnahan’s seemingly defunct take on Daredevil or Kevin Tancharoen’s pitch for The Hunger Games. Now we have another treat in the same vein, as SlashFilm recently debuted a pitch video for a proposed Halloween remake that was turned down in favor of Rob Zombie delivering his divisive new spin on the horror classic. Federico D’Alessandro, head Storyboard Artist and Animatics Supervisor at Marvel Studios (Thor, Captain America, The Avengers), put together an amazing animatic short and keyframes to try and sell his pitch to Platinum Dunes. This should really impress Halloween fans. Here’s the original animatic video and some of the keyframes used to pitch the Halloween remake: And here’s what D’Alessandro said about this now dead Halloween remake pitch (from YouTube): “””As a lifelong Halloween fan it would …

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