Whoa: PTA Says ‘The Master’ Title Originally Came from the Internet

Say what? It’s the year of PTA, meaning we’ve got a new Paul Thomas Anderson film, with plenty to talk about. PTA himself has been out doing interviews around the world, mainly with notable newspapers and other high class media. However, one of my favorite quotes was caught by our colleagues at The Playlist, who are going to be in the spotlight of attention now. In an interview with Katherine Monk of the Vancouver Sun, PTA was asked directly about the title of “The Master”, his new film starring Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams, and his response: “In fact, the Internet actually gave it its title first.” I love his very frank answer to the question of how he chose the title The Master: “You know, you’re the first journalist to ask me about the title. Really, it was just a process of elimination. In fact, the Internet …

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