Will ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Beat ‘The Avengers’ At The Box Office?

Can “The Dark Knight Rises” possibly match “The Avengers” $600 million-plus box office? According to the LA Times, the final Batman film from Christopher Nolan, which opens July 20, is gonna’ be huge — but not quite Hulk huge. Industry analysts currently have “TDKR” making north of $150 million in its first weekend, which would fall short of “The Avengers” record-breaking $207.4 million opening. (Although, “Rises” still may surpass its predecessor, “The Dark Knight,” which made $158.4 million.) As for audience interest, analysts say that “The Dark Knight Rises” is not tracking as well with women as “The Avengers” did. However, the percentage of people who are “definitely interested” in “TDKR” and list it as their “first choice” on opening weekend is about the same as it was for the Marvel superhero epic. But, no matter who comes out on top, Batman vs. Bane is going to be epic. As the Times puts it, “When interest is as huge as it is for ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ it’s difficult to tell in advance whether the opening will be merely massive or record breaking.” [via LA Times]

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