Worth Watching: Fantastic ‘Caine’s Arcade 2’ Follow-Up Short Film

Earlier in the year, we featured a wonderful short film made by Nirvan Mullick called Caine’s Arcade, about an inventive 9-year-old kid in Los Angeles who built an awesome, elaborate arcade out of cardboard. The short caused a media explosion, and put the spotlight on his inspiration. He’s back again as Nirvan has returned with Chapter 2 of Caine’s Arcade, documenting the international phenomenon of imagination and invention that Caine has inspired, launching the Imagination Foundation, and a Global Cardboard Challenge (website) on October 6th next month. It’s a fantastic follow-up to the original! Watch it below. “The idea is not only to give kids the tools to build the things they can imagine, but also imagine the world they can build.” Thanks to David Markland (@davidmarkland) and Laughing Squid for the tip. This is the followup to the original Caine’s Arcade short film. Five months after it was posted, Caine’s …

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