‘Yes Man’ Scribes Hired to Pen ‘Bruce Almighty’ Sequel for Jim Carrey

Last summer, funnyman Jim Carrey hinted that he might be taking part in a couple of sequels to two of his more popular and funny comedies. Both Dumb & Dumber and Bruce Almighty were said to have sequels in development, and we’ve already heard that Peter and Bobby Farrelly are already planning on getting a Dumb & Dumber sequel off the ground after The Three Stooges. Now Universal has followed through on Carrey’s hints too as Variety has word that the studio is in talks with Jarrad Paul and Andrew Mogel, the team behind the scripts for Hot Tub Time Machine and Yes Man, to script the sequel to the 2003 film. The original film saw Bruce Nolan as a down-on-his-luck news anchor lacking any faith in God until the creator himself, played by Morgan Freeman, bestows upon him all of God’s powers. At this point it’s not clear if Freeman, …

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