Yes, Pixar Somehow Managed to Fit the Pizza Planet Truck into ‘Brave’

If you’re a true fan of Pixar Animation, then you know the crew loves to throw in little homages, references and Easter eggs to their films in all of their projects. From Boo having a Jessie doll in Monsters Inc. to The Incredibles villain Bomb Voyage appearing as a mime in Ratatouille, there’s plenty of great treats like that. However, one of the more consistent inclusions is the Pizza Planet truck from the original Toy Story which has been in every Pixar film except The Incredibles. But there’s now way they managed to fit an automobile into the medieval time period setting of their fairytale Brave is there? Why, yes, there is, folks! The witch who casts a spell to change Merida’s fate is an expert wood carver. But apparently she’s also a predictor of the future as she has sculpted the Pizza Planet truck out of a piece of wood, …

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