It’s The Wolverine vs. Ninjas — How could it lose?

The answer, apparently, is it can’t.

Picking up the story of the troubled mutant anti-hero Wolverine after the events of X-Men: The Last Stand — in which he murdered the love of his life, Jean Grey — The Wolverine starts out with our dear Wolvie (Hugh Jackman in the role for the 5th time) living in Alaska. He’s got a cave and a radio and a beard and he’s a recluse, tortured by nightmares and visions of Jean, punishing himself with booze, but we soon learn he can’t escape his sense of justice.

the wolverine yelling

Also abs. And yelling. Two more things Wolverine can’t escape.

When a mysterious stranger shows up and takes him to Japan to see a now-dying army officer the immortal Wolverine once saved from the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, it soon unfolds that this officer — who’s gone on to become one of the most powerful businessmen in Asia, thus stinking rich — wants to steal Wolverine’s mutation, making himself immortal. He’s hired ninjas and a shady mutant oncologist named Viper who shoots poison to help him out.

His powers get stolen by Viper (for a while) and he a little bit falls for the granddaughter of the army officer whose life he once saved who now is trying to kill him, so yeah, it gets complicated. Nothing a little snikt-snikt can’t solve though. Toss in a giant adamantium robot and you’ve got yourself a winner.

The claws come out.

The Wolverine filled seats enough to take the top spot at this weekend’s box office by a large margin. Here’s how it all broke down:

Weekend Box Office: July 26-28, 2013

  1. The Wolverine – $55 million
  2. The Conjuring – $22.1 million
  3. Despicable Me 2 -$16 million
  4. Turbo $13.3 million
  5. Grown Ups 2 – $11.5 million

Last week’s number one, The Conjuring, held up decently well with $22.1 million to come in second behind The Wolverine’s $55, and finally showing some signs of mortality after its fourth week out, Despicable Me 2 brought in $16 million to come in third.

The Ryan Reynolds animated feature Turbo came in fourth with $13.3 million and the Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock and David Spade hangout-turned-movie Grown Ups 2 rounded out the top five.

The Wolverine — Official Trailer